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Pensions and the Cost-of-Living Adjustment Frequently Asked Questions

Log in or register for Retiree Self-Service to print your pension verification letter.

Alternatively, you can email your request to Please remember to include your employee number in your request.

A letter from the company verifying the gross amount of your monthly pension from the Consolidated Edison Retirement Plan. Usually used to refinance a mortgage, purchase a home or car, etc.

If it’s the 10th of the month or earlier, give the mail a few days. If it’s 15th of the month or later, call 1-212-460-1030. We’ll ask for your name, employee number, and address. A stop-payment will be put on the old check and you will be issued a new one.


Contact TELUS Health, QDRO Processing, P.O. Box 534277, St. Petersburg, FL 33747, 1-844-208-1858.

Call Employee Benefits, at 1-800-582-5056.

Call Employee Benefits, at 1-800-582-5056

In New York State, if you are older than 59 1/2, the first $20,000 of pension money is not subject to state and local taxes. Outside of New York, please consult with a tax advisor; however, the company will not withhold taxes for any other state.