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Health Benefits Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, each year during open enrollment.
If you or your spouse choose to join this program at a later date, you’ll be asked to provide proof of continuous coverage—for example, a letter from the insurance carrier of your prior employer’s group health plan.
Please let us know 30 days before the effective date of your Medicare benefits.
Yes. United takes Medicare benefits into account in calculating plan benefits payable to you.
It’s done automatically as soon as you submit your Medicare card showing you’re signed up for Parts A and B.

Retirees and their dependents may enroll in the retiree health plan even if they have pre-existing health conditions that might make them ineligible for other health plans. However, enrollment in the HMO Option is open to retirees and their eligible dependents except those who participate in a hospice program or have end-stage renal disease.

If you experience a life-changing event, you may need to change your current health-plan enrollment status or update your dependents.

What qualifies as a life-changing event?

  • Marriage
  • Legal separation or divorce
  • Birth or adoption
  • Losing or gaining health coverage for yourself or dependents
  • Death of an eligible dependent

The effective date for changes in benefits for retirees reporting a life event:

  • Within 30 days—the date of the life event
  • 30–90 days—the first of the following month
  • After 90 days—wait until the next Open Enrollment

How to Change Coverage or Dependent Information

Email the enrollment/change form and supporting documentation to

  • Retiree Health Program Enrollment/Change Form
  • One copy of required supporting documentation, such as a birth certificate, adoption decree, marriage certificate, legal separation papers, divorce decree, or death certificate.

When submitting the forms, be sure to include your full name and retiree ID number. Without this information, Employee Benefits will not be able to process your request.

Your former dependents need to call Employee Benefits at 1-800-582-5056 and request COBRA within 30 days of losing coverage.

View COBRA rates.